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Title: An Unlikely Hero
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and unnamed citizens of Whoville
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 280
Written for the prompt(s): The Grinch/Monsters of Christmas Bingo Challenge
Beta: kat
Summary: One in a long series of Christmas in which the Grinch was remembered as a hero for saving Christmas…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help. Please also note that this was written for the 12 days of ficmas.

The Grinch, now old and grey with barely a hint of his former green and dressed in his moth-eaten Santa Claus suit, hung onto Cindy Lou Who’s arm as he toddled through the snow and back inside. The whole town of Whoville had welcomed Christmas once again, with a magnificent tree and traditional songs. The Grinch smiled at several young Who-lings, who rushed past them, eager to get inside for the start of the festivities. His dog, one in a long series of Maxes, followed along at his heels.

Inside the great hall, the Grinch was seated in a place of honor. In some weird way, his theft of a long ago Christmas was now remembered as a tale of triumph, with the Grinch banishing the evil that had stolen it and bringing Christmas back to Whoville arm and arm with Santa Claus! While the irony of it had at first amused him; as the years went on, he came to accept it as the only one who had had any inkling of the truth was Cindy Lou Who, but the then two year old had believed the lies he had told her about taking Christmas back to his workshop to repair it.

So he sat, quietly enjoying a few bites of his roast beast, as Cindy Lou’s great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter recited the tale. Closing his eyes, he drifted off to sleep. He snored loudly, as the Whos gathered around and counted their blessings that their hero had spent another Christmas with them, while exchanging their gifts. Christmas was safe again and all was merry as the Grinch mumbled in his sleep. “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…”


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Dec. 29th, 2017 09:22 pm (UTC)
At least he's no longer stealing Christmas?
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