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Cross-posted from Madrona Project & 12 days of Ficmas

Title: Hearth and Home
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): Gustav, Freya
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 423
Written for the prompt: Hearth and Home
Summary: Gustav and Freya enjoy a moment together…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help. Please also note that this was also written for the 12 days of ficmas.

Gustav opened the door and stepped inside his home, his hunting dogs following. He shook off the snow, and setting the brace of rabbits on the floor, he took off his coat and hung it up. His wife Freya sat by the fire, warming herself, while she boiled some root vegetables in a pot.

“Husband.” Freya stood up to greet him. She walked over to him as he picked up the rabbits. “For me?” she said with a smile.

“Dunno…” Gustav teased back. He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Let me clean them first and if you’re good, you can have them.”

Freya laughed. “I promise to be good,” she said contritely, although her eyes twinkled with amusement. She was tired of chicken stew, especially chicken stew made from stringy old hens. “You sure I can’t help?”

Gustav chuckled. “I’ll be okay, dear wife.”

“If you say so.” Freya sat down at the table and watched her husband ready the rabbits for her stew pot. It did not take long for him to him to skin them. While he cut up the meat for the pot, Freya scraped the remaining bits of flesh and fat from the hides, before washing them. When she was finished, Gustav nailed the hides to a small frame and salted them. They would then be set aside to dry.

While her husband finished readying the rabbit hides for curing, Freya got out her favorite book and sat down on the floor next to the fire. Gustav came over and sat down next to her, leaning against her as she read out loud to him. It happened to be a love story, so when the hero kissed the fair maiden, Gustav deftly plucked the book from his wife’s hands. He marked her place with the ribbon she used as a bookmark, and set it aside.

“Hey! Give that back!” Freya reached for her book.

Gustav grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. “Forget that…” he said, his voice low and husky, as he leaned in and kissed her long and hard.

Freya snaked her arms around his neck. “Forgotten…” she murmured against his lips. She knew where this was leading and she happily let him take her right there in front of the fire. A part of her hoped that this time they had finally made a baby, while another shrugged and looked forward to the next time they tried. If it was not meant to be, neither one cared as they had each other… and the dogs.
Tags: 12 days of ficmas, freya, gustav, madrona, original ficcage
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