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Title: The Tale of the Centaur and the Nymph
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Author: kira
Rating: PG13 for talk of implied adult situations
Character(s): a centaur, a nymph, Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Eros, Morpheus, Iris, Hermes, Zeus
Genre: romance
Warnings: nudity
Words: 1941
Written for the prompt(s): A Girl and Her Horse
Beta: kat
Summary: Thanks to a meddlesome goddess, a nymph and centaur fall in love…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help. Please also note that this was written for my allbingo card.
Author’s notes 2: Please note that while nymphs in general are a lusty bunch, Artemis is a virgin goddess and those who attended her were also virgins as were her devotees.

The centaur watched her play with her sisters at the edge of the meadow. She was a wood nymph and they rarely, if ever, strayed from their forest homes. Son of the lord of the meadow, he had grown up amongst the nymphs of his home. He had even frolicked with them when he was younger, so the sight of a plump, nude, feminine form was nothing special.

This nymph was different and not because she was plumper or her breasts fuller, but because of something the young centaur could not put his finger on. He wondered if it was her mass of auburn curls that cascaded down her back or the crown of leaves and berries she wore or her creamy white skin. Whatever it was it piqued his interest in ways no one else had.

He sighed softly, a dopey expression on his face, when they noticed him. A few of the braver ones waved and blew kisses at him, before melting back into the forest. Embarrassed, the centaur raced off, the sunlight giving him an unearthly glow to his white hair and pelt. Unbeknownst to him, the object of his desire had peeked out from behind a tree, watching him go.

Only when she could not see him anymore, did the wood nymph head back into the depths of the forest to find her sisters. While she tended to the forest, she could not get the centaur out of her mind. He was white like the snows of Mount Olympus, with spiky white hair and a long flowing tail. The centaur reminded her of the clouds she had seen in the sky at the edge of her forest home. She bet he smelled nice too, unlike the satyrs and fauns that shared her woods. She was pulled from her reverie by one of Artemis’ hunting hounds.

The nymph looked up as she patted the hound. “My Lady,” she said as she greeted the goddess.

Artemis’ smile quickly became a frown as she stroked the nymph’s cheek. “Something troubling you?”

The nymph looked away and shook her head. “No.”

The goddess did not believe that for a second. However, she could not bear to see the nymph looking so sad. “Would you like to go hunting?”

That brought a smile to the nymph’s lips. “I’d love to!”

The goddess, pleased the nymph was feeling better, went deeper into the forest with her on a hunt. They were gone for several days, searching a boar that was destroying a copse of young trees.

The centaur, hoping to see the nymph again, continued to visit the spot where he had seen her last. Unfortunately, she seemed to have gone and that thought saddened him. Aphrodite, hearing his sighs of despair, took pity on him. She came down from Olympus, meeting him at the edge of the forest.

“What’s wrong, little one?” she purred as she put her arms around him. Aphrodite pressed her naked body against his.

“I miss her,” the centaur said softly.

“You love her?” Aphrodite giggled.

The centaur looked away, blushing. “I miss her,” he shyly repeated.

“Oh, little one,” the goddess said. She nuzzled his check and whispered in his ear, “I’ll see what I can do.” She smiled, thinking it would be fun to meddle in their affairs.

The centaur pulled back to gaze into the goddess’ eyes. “Thank you!”

Aphrodite giggled and kissed his cheek. Just as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone, leaving the centaur feeling happier than before. He ran across the meadow kicking up his heels. The days and nights which seemed to drag before, now sped by on gossamer wings.

It was while he was racing around the meadow that he spotted her. The nymph was flushed from the pleasures of the hunt and the greetings she had received from her sisters. The centaur stopped dead in his tracks. He thought she looked beautiful. He waved shyly at her and he nearly died when she approached him, a garland of woodland flowers in her hands. Giggling, the nymph placed the garland around the centaur’s shoulders.

Unbeknownst to them both, Aphrodite had sent her son Eros to the meadow. Nocking an arrow from his quiver, Eros drew back the bowstring as he sighted the would-be lovers. Releasing the arrow and letting it fly, Eros giggled when it pierced the centaur to land in the nymph’s breast. He flew off, his work in bringing the lovers together, done.

The centaur closed his eyes as felt a sharp pain in his chest. It quickly passed and when he opened them, he found himself gazing into the nymph’s eyes. She, too, had felt a similar pain. Overcome with love for each other, they kissed.

Breathless, the nymph climbed on the centaur’s back. She snaked her arms around him, pressing her ample bosom into his back. The centaur took off, galloping across the meadow. She rode him every chance she got, neglecting her duties in the forest. Artemis, growing angry with her, called upon Morpheus for help.

The god, with a bit of help from his family, sent the centaur and nymph to sleep. Artemis thanked them for their help. Aphrodite, hearing of this, came down from Olympus to find out what was going on. She called out to her, while Artemis was heading back into the forest. “What was Morpheus doing here Artemis?”

“He was helping with one of my nymphs. The poor thing was neglecting her duties to be with this…” She waved a hand at the sleeping centaur. “Beast!”

“They’re in love, stupid! And probably about to get very… uh, ‘friendly’ with each other.” Aphrodite winked at her. She loved the way Artemis’ cheeks turned bright red at the thought of one of her maiden attendants losing their maidenhood.

Artemis, horrified at the thought, sputtered wordlessly and Aphrodite laughed, sparking a heated argument between the two. While goddesses argued with each other, Morpheus flew off in the arms of his beloved, Iris.

“But the centaur desired her and begged me for help!” Aphrodite said. “I sent my Eros to him to ease his pain!”

“You took one of my maidens!” Artemis cried. “And robbed her of her chastity!”

Aphrodite laughed. “I what?” she chortled. “The nymph lost that riding on the centaur’s back, among other things!” She doubled over in laughter. Barely catching her breath, she continued, “So what if they lay with each other?!” She waved her hand at the lovers, who lay upon the ground entwined in each other’s arms, despite the centaur’s horsey lower half. “Please, if Zeus can lie with anything that moves, so can a lowly centaur!” She rolled her eyes at her fellow goddess. “Don’t be an idiot! I can’t help the moods of those who ask for my help and this centaur was in the mood for a little nymph, and she was in the mood for a bit of centaur.” She giggled.

Artemis was bristling at being called an idiot and the thought of one of her maiden nymphs being despoiled. “But!” she sputtered as she strung her bow and prepared to nock an arrow.

The two of them had been so loud, that they were causing a disturbance on Mount Olympus and Hera was getting cranky because of it. Athena rolled her eyes at the commotion her fellow goddesses were making. Deciding cooler heads should prevail, she appeared before them. “Sisters! Enough!” Turning to Artemis, she said, “As much as it pains me to let her get away with interfering in the lives of gods and mortals, the centaur whether he meant to or not, asked for Aphrodite’s help. It is fortunate that Eros’ arrow pierced them both. But fear not,” Athena snuck a glance at the goddess of love, “she’ll get hers in the end.”

Aphrodite smiled as she shrugged at her fellow goddesses. “So you say, my dear Athena…”

Athena narrowed her eyes. “Still, you should not have interfered. The nymph was meant to be with her sisters and sooner or later the centaur would have the mares.”

“What do you know about love and attraction?” Aphrodite said. “Please, do tell!”

The goddess of wisdom frowned. “It’s the natural order of things…”

Aphrodite laughed.

“Let me get her, sister,” Artemis said as she raised her bow and pulled back on the string.

Athena raised her hand between the other goddesses. “Enough!” Before she could say more, Hermes arrived with a message from Zeus.

“Ladies, Zeus is tired of this nonsense,” Hermes began. “He has decreed that the nymph shall live as mortal woman; the centaur as mortal man. It is clear they are in love, no thanks to you, my dear Aphrodite.” He leered at her, while Athena simply glared at her. “As a mortal, she would be free from the bond of chastity and no longer your servant, until she chose to dedicate herself to your cult, Artemis. However, Zeus wants it to be known that you three are forbidden from interfering in their lives. Answer their prayers if you must, but that is that!” He waved and sped off, Aphrodite hurrying after him.

Artemis eased back on her bowstring and unnocked her arrow. She was not happy with the outcome, but there was no fighting love or Zeus. Calling her hounds, she stalked back into the forest.

Athena watched over the sleeping couple. Since it was decreed they would be mortal, she knew her father would soon be here to finish things. She shook her head at the distant rumble of thunder. In a flash of light, her father stood next to her.

“Daughter.” Zeus kissed her cheek.


“So these are the troublemakers, hunh?” Zeus peered down at them. “She is a comely nymph…”

“Father! She loves the centaur and he her, thanks to Aphrodite’s meddling and Eros’ arrows.” Athena folded her arms across her chest as she glared at her incorrigible father. “Aren’t you in enough trouble with your wife over some water nymph? Not to mention Uncle Poseidon is still angry with you over that as well,” she said dryly.

“Ah… well, yes,” Zeus said looking properly contrite.

“Well?” Athena waved her hand at the sleeping couple.

Zeus grinned. “The time has come to make them mortal and forget their former selves.” He was about to clap his hands, when his daughter reached out to stop him.

“Father, is it wise to make them forget everything they once knew? What if they die because they pined for a love they could feel, but never remember?”

Zeus raised his brow at her. “So?”

“They love each other and should be together.”

Her father snorted in amusement. “Daughter, you sound like Aphrodite.” He tugged at her chiton. “Are you sure you’re my daughter?” he teased.

Athena’s cheeks heated up as she slapped his hand away. “Father!”

“Forgive me?”

She frowned, but said nothing.

Zeus chuckled, and shrugging his shoulders, he gazed down at the sleeping couple. He said something too softly for Athena to hear, before he clapped his hands. There was a bright flash of light, followed by loud thunder clap.

The woman, who was once a nymph, sat up and stretched. Suddenly afraid, she held her hands over her naked breasts, trying to hide herself from the man who was waking up next to her. When she looked over at him, he shyly smiled at her. The effects of Eros’ arrows took hold of them again and they gave in to the pleasures of the flesh. The girl and her horse were together at last in a way neither one had ever dreamed of happening.


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