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Valentines Bingo 2: Made With Love

Title: Made With Love
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): Didi, Tino
Genre: romance
Warnings: none
Words: 880
Written for the prompt(s): Cooking with Love
Beta: kat
Summary: Tino is working late at the gallery, so Didi makes dinner and brings it over to him…
Author’s note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help.

Didi thumbed through what passed for a cookbook; Tino’s collection of favorite recipes all hand written in a spiral notebook. The pages were splotched with various sauces, oil droplets, and unidentified substances that were supposed to be fingerprints. Most of his collection of recipes inhabited some mythological filing cabinet in his husband’s head, ready to be called up the moment he opened the fridge. Didi, unfortunately, did not possess such culinary knowledge, so he settled for the one thing he could do; make a simple pasta dish. Thanks to the internet, he was able to find a quick and easy sauce recipe using what Tino had in the pantry.

He got out the big pot for the pasta and filled it with water. Setting it on the stove to boil, Didi decided to tackle the meatballs and sauce. Since the meatballs were easy, he started with them. There was something very satisfying about squishing the ground beef between his fingers as mixed the meatball ingredients together. A few minutes later, Didi had a tray of meatballs ready for the oven. While he knew his husband fried them on the stove, before adding them to his “gravy,” Didi never knew when they were cooked enough, so he opted for this cheat.

While the meatballs were cooking, Didi used another cheat. He opened two large cans of plum tomatoes and dumped them into a pot. Rummaging around in the freezer, he found the bag of frozen chopped onions, which he sautéed along with a bit of chopped garlic from the jar he found in the fridge. When they were done, he added them to the pot. He threw in some fresh basil from his husband’s window herb garden and a pinch of dried oregano. Didi finished it off with a can of tomato paste. While everything was simmering on the stove, Didi did what he always yelled at Tino for doing; he left the stove on and ran down to the corner market for a loaf of Italian bread. He returned in time to find the water in the pot was boiling.

Didi added the spaghetti and stirred. While that was cooking, he took out the meatballs and added them to the sauce, simmering on the stove. He checked the spaghetti, before getting the colander out of cabinet. When the spaghetti was ready, he drained it, added the sauce and meatballs, before putting everything in Tino’s “family-sized” lasagna pan. He covered it with plastic wrap and tinfoil and added it to their cooler, which he hoped would keep it warm. The Parmesan cheese was also placed inside along with two pasta bowls, napkins, silverware, the cheese grater, and two vintage jelly glasses that they used as wine glasses. Closing the cooler, Didi, put all the dirty dishes into the sink to soak until he got back.

He put on his coat, grabbed the wine bottle from the rack, and picked up the cooler. After checking to make sure he had his keys, Didi left the apartment and headed to the gallery, where his husband was working late. He had called earlier, letting Tino know he was bringing dinner. On the way there, he realized he needed to make a detour to get more Italian bread, having forgotten the loaf at home. When he pulled into the gallery’s parking lot, Didi breathed a sigh of relief. The easy part was done, now came the moment of truth, would Tino like his pathetic attempts at dinner, or would he hate it?

Tino was waiting for his husband at the door and let him in. Together, they made their way to his office, where Tino had made some space for them to eat. “I thought you were going to bring some take-out Chinese,” he said, loving the cute way his husband blushed.

“I uh, thought it’d be nice if I made you something,” Didi replied as they unpacked his “picnic” dinner.

“Spaghetti and meatballs?” Tino smiled. “Are you sure Che didn’t make this for you?” he teased, even though they both knew Tino’s brother Cesare would rather die than cook dinner for the two of them. He opened the bottle of wine and poured a glass. He handed it to Didi and poured himself one.

“Uh, yeah… I hope it’s edible.” Didi handed him a bowl full.

“I’m sure it is!” Tino said. He took a bite and kissed his fingers. “This is delish!! Are you sure, you’re not part Italian? It tastes just like Nonno’s!”

Didi could not help beaming with pride. “Nope.” He ate a bite as well. It did taste like his Onkel Luigi’s when he thought about it.

“It’s amazing! I can even taste the love!” Tino blew a kiss at him.


Tino nodded. “Yup! It’s the best spaghetti and meatballs, ever!”

“You’re just saying that.” Didi frowned as he sipped his wine.

“Nope! And to show you how much I appreciate this, when I get home…” Tino waggled his eyebrows, making his husband blush. He picked up his wine glass and drank. While they sat there in companionable silence, enjoying their meal, Tino thought up ways to thank his husband later that night when he got home. Judging by the look on Didi’s face, he was having similar thoughts.


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