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Title: Falling In Love Is Hard On the Knees
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: R for adult language and situations
Character(s): Wolfgang, Luigi
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 323
Written for the prompt(s): Falling in Love
Beta: kat
Summary: Wolfgang and Luigi hang out and talk about Luigi’s latest conquest…
Author’s note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help.

Wolfgang sipped his beer while Luigi waxed poetic about his latest conquest. Just like all the previous ones, she was the smartest, most beautiful, most fun in bed woman he had ever met. He glanced up at his friend and said, “Yeah?”

Luigi nodded. “Wolfie, I think I’m in love!”

“Yeah? How old is this one?”

Luigi blinked. “Uh… Twenty five, twenty six? Something like that.” Luigi drank his beer.

“And she does what for a living?” Wolfgang picked up the bottle and took another sip of beer.

“She works in the gentleman’s club and goes to school on her days off to become a nurse.”

“I see… So she has student loans to repay and a kid or two at home with her mother.”

“Yeah… But you know how much I like kids.” Luigi smiled.

Wolfgang also smiled. “I like them too, my friend, but that’s not the point.”

Luigi frowned. “What’s the point, then? Other than she could be the one!” His frown quickly morphed into a grin.

“The point is, how fat does she think your wallet is?” Wolfgang held up a hand. “I’ll give you that I haven’t met her yet and that she could be different, but you do have a type.”


Wolfgang nodded. “Tall, blonde, pretty, very busty and curvaceous, with an unhealthy interest in your wallet and bank account.” He drank his beer.

Luigi laughed. “I guess I do have a type.”

Wolfgang nodded knowingly.

“And she’s gonna dump me when she finds out the only Ferrari I own is this t-shirt.”

“I’m sorry, my friend.”

“Don’t be.” Luigi grinned. “I’ve banged a hot chick, who’s half my age.”

Wolfgang heaved a long suffering sigh. “That you did.” He shook his head at his friend, who was busy chatting up their young, busty waitress. Falling in love might be hard on the knees, but in Luigi’s case, a good pair of knee-pads was a must.


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