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Valentines Bingo 4: His Hot Sexy Mama

Title: His Hot Sexy Mama
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: R for adult situations
Character(s): Bernd, Amber, Greta
Genre: romance
Warnings: nudity
Words: 821
Written for the prompt(s): Sexy Lingerie
Beta: kat
Summary: Bernd loves the way Amber looks in his underwear…
Author’s note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help. Please also note that Amber and Greta belong to her.

Amber possessed a ton of sexy lingerie, according to Bernd. She had everything from girdle slips to bullet bras, which made her ample bosom look even larger, to camisoles and tap pants, to teddies and corsets. She even had a few pairs of crotchless panties and peek-a-boo bras that he found online for her along with a couple of matching garter belts that made him want to pounce. Then again, he also found her normal, everyday underwear sexy.

There was one thing though; that was guaranteed to get to get his blood racing and that was the sight of her dressed in a pair of his boxers and one of his old t-shirts. There was something about the way it flattened her large breasts that made them look even bigger, than they actually were, that he loved. As for the boxers, he supposed it was the “easy access” as he had no trouble worming his fingers in. Add to that a pair of sweat socks and it was like the cherry on top of a sundae.

Bernd found himself getting hard, just thinking about it, as he waited for her to come back from the bathroom. Tonight; was his “last hurrah,” as she was scheduled to have her breasts done at the end of the month, as a fortieth birthday present to herself, and she wanted him to get used to the idea of no sex until the doctor gave the okay. So she had promised to give him a week to remember, featuring various pieces from her collection of special lingerie.

Amber stood in the doorway of her bedroom, stuffed into his favorite boxers and t-shirt combination. She smiled at the dopey look on his face. A downwards glance turned her smile smug, noticing how “happy” he was to see her. She sauntered into the room, closing the door behind her, before crawling onto the bed. Giving him her best come hither look, Amber lay down next to him. Keeping her legs closed, she arched her back. Amber chuckled when he fumbled with the sheets, while trying to get out from under them.

Bernd lay on his side next to her, his head propped up on his upturned palm. He fondled her breast through the t-shirt as he kissed her. He eventually wormed his way underneath the tight cotton fabric to pinch her nipple. Rolling Amber onto her side, facing him, Bernd stuck his hand down the back of her boxers and caressed her butt.

Amber moaned. She could not wait until he discovered her special treat. While he was at work, she asked Greta to shave her pussy. They had had a bit of fun with it and the memory of it, along with the knowledge that Bernd was going to love it, left her wet with desire. Her little cries of pleasure got louder when he tugged down the back of her boxers. She was going to help him get them off, when he eased her onto her back. Amber spread her legs to give him a better look.

Bernd pushed the crotch aside and grinned at the sight that greeted him. He leaned in and gave her a tentative lick. Amber moaned loudly. Lifting her hips, she pushed at the top of the boxers. Bernd, taking the hint, gave her a final lick, before slowly easing them down past her hips. He wanted to savor the sight of her hairless sex, while taking his time revealing it. Watching her squirm, while he did so was awesome. Despite being painfully hard, he took his time, licking and nibbling until neither one could take it anymore.

He gently eased himself inside with a soft moan. He quickly got his rhythm going for the start of some of the best sex they ever had. As much as he wanted to hold out “forever,” it felt too good and he started to climax hard. Amber, however, was not that far behind him, and as he pounded away, she felt her orgasm building. Together they fell over the edge, reminding her of all the fun they had had when they made Fritz.

They cuddled together, basking in their sexual high. Both were reminded of the first time they had had sex. It was late at night during a sleepover and she was dressed the same way she was now, Amber remembered.

Kissing his nose, they decided to nap, before round two. As they drifted off to sleep, Amber wondered if she should change into that girdle slip he loved. It left her breasts exposed, while pushing them up; even better, it barely covered her down there. When he put an arm around her and cupped her breast, she decided to remain dressed as she was, because for some strange reason she could not put her finger on, Bernd found the sight of her in his old underwear the sexiest lingerie of all.


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