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Valentines Bingo 7: My Favorite Subject Is You

Title: My Favorite Subject Is You
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): Didi, Tino
Genre: romance
Warnings: none
Words: 453
Written for the prompt(s): Drawing
Beta: kat
Summary: Tino is drawing his boyfriend, Didi, while they were studying for a test…
Author’s note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help.

Tino sat on the floor in Didi’s room, sketching his boyfriend, while they studied for their science test. As much as he would have loved to get him to pose naked for him, Tino knew Didi would never go for it. For one thing, this was the sketchbook he took everywhere he went, except gym, and some of his classmates liked watching him sketch as well as looked through his sketchbook. If Didi thought people were looking at naked pictures of him, Tino had the feeling he would never pose for him again. Plus, he did not want to get in trouble like one of the guys in his art class did, after drawing his girlfriend naked. Besides, even though they did a bit of art history in class, Tino noticed there was a definite lack of nudes.

So as he answered Didi’s science problems, Tino sketched. He drew Didi sitting at his desk, a quick portrait, and one of the two of them together, playing video games, which he did from memory. Tino made sure to do a few sketches of Didi’s brother Bernd and his girlfriend along various still lifes. He also did a few sketches of his grandfather and brother, just to keep the “Didi quotient” down.

Tino leaned back against the bed, his sketchbook propped up against his knees. A faint smile tugged the corners of his mouth upwards as he contemplated his sketch. Maybe he should do it; maybe he should get himself a special, private sketchbook devoted to all things Didi. Then he would do his best to entice him into posing nude for him. All those muscles and his trim little waist and his… Tino sighed at the mental imagine of his friend, standing in front of him in all his naked glory.

“Tino? Are you listening to me?” Didi pushed back from his desk and turned in chair to look at his friend. “Earth to, Tino, come in.”

“Hunh?” Tino looked up at Didi. Pulled from his reverie, he stared blankly at his boyfriend.

“I think we had enough studying for now.”

Tino smiled. “Yeah.”

“So what were you drawing?”

“You.” Tino said with an impish smile.

“Me?” A delicate blush spilled across Didi’s cheeks, which Tino found adorable.

“Yup!” Tino held up his sketch.

“Wow! That’s really good!” Even though he had seen Tino draw stuff hundreds of times, it never failed to amaze him how good he was. He got up from his chair.

“Thanks…” it was Tino’s turn to blush, but he was happy that his boyfriend liked it. He set his sketchbook aside and got up. Together, they went downstairs to get a snack and watch some TV, Tino’s sketches forgotten.
Tags: allbingo, bingo, didi, original ficcage, tino
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