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Cross-posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Author and his Muses
Prompt: A pic of a guy lying in the grass reading and/or writing
Characters: Albert Pawlitzki, Countess Zofia Dziedzic, Lady Freya Koenig
Word count: 906
Rating: R for adult situations and nudity
Borrow: No
Summary: Albert likes to turn his romantic liaisons with the Countess Zofia and her friend Lady Freya into erotic stories…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Please also note that this was written for Froday Flash Fiction Challenge’s March Special Bingo Challenge as well as Madrona Project.

Albert Pawlitzki sprawled in the meadow, his journal open to a blank page that was soon filled with his elegant script. Like his long dead ancestor from across the great western sea, he was fond of journaling. Unlike that ancestor, Albert liked to turn those thoughts into stories. His mistress and patron, the Countess Zofia Dziedzic and her companion, Lady Freya Koenig, were very fond of his stories, especially the ones of a more adult nature.

He was so engrossed in his writing, that he never noticed their approach until their shadows darkened his page. Albert looked up at them and grinned. “Ladies,” he said; in greeting.

Freya leaned over, giving him an eyeful of cleavage, despite her sandy blonde curls trying their best to hide it. Her bodice was so low cut; it barely covered her rosy nipples. “What are you doing?” She flipped handful of curls back over her shoulder and smiled saucily at him.

Albert swallowed. Images of her nude form danced in his head. One sunny day, when Zofia’s brother Alesky came to visit, they had had a picnic. Freya pouted at her friend and declared it was too hot to be wearing all that taffeta. Zofia, who had been feeding Albert some grapes, told her to take her drawers off. Complaining she had too much dress in the way to reach them, Alesky offered to help her and it was not long before Freya was delightfully naked. Zofia also complained about the heat. Albert recalled Freya pushing the countess onto her back and shoving her skirt and petticoats up and out of the way. He felt himself growing hard at the memory of Freya parting Zofia’s split drawers, and playing with her soft tangle of auburn curls, while he and Alesky encouraged her to feast upon her instead.

He shook his head to clear it and blushed at the ladies’ knowing smiles. “I’m writing a story.”

“Oh,” Zofia said; her mouth a perfect, wet, little “O.” Her low cut gown strained to contain her ample bosom when she leaned over to see what he had been writing. “Can we help?”

Albert chuckled. They all knew the countess and her companion were the stars of a series of erotic novellas that were as popular in Licentia as they were in the capital city of Madrona. Rumor had it that a famous brothel in the capital city had two kittens, who would reenact scenes from one’s favorite novella, if the price was right. He may not have been as wealthy as the countess and her companion, but he was not as poor as he had been when they first met.

“Only if you want to,” he said as he sat up. The bulge in his breeches was unmistakable, if Freya’s giggles were anything to go by. He idly stroked himself as he waited for their answer.

Zofia moved to stand behind her companion. Snaking her arms around Freya, she whispered in her ear, “Shall we?” as she cupped the other woman’s breasts.

Freya let out a happy little sigh. “I don’t know…”

The countess unbuttoned Freya’s bodice. “It could be fun…” she wheedled. Freya, who had not worn her chemise under her stays, moaned softly when Zofia nuzzled her neck as she pinched her companion’s nipples. She was just as naked as Freya was under her gown and the thought of the two of them pleasuring her, was making her wet. Zofia moaned softly.

Freya stepped forward as she shrugged out of her bodice, letting the pale pink top fall to the ground. She moved to sit on Albert’s lap. Taking one of his hands, she placed it on her breast and stuck her tongue out at her friend. She moaned as he played with her breast. Reaching around behind herself, Freya unhooked the waistband of her skirt.

“Stand up,” Albert said. “I’ll help you.”

Freya cupped his cheeks and kissed his nose. She stood up and with his help, pushed her skirt and petticoats off her hips to puddle at her feet. She stood there in nothing more than her stays and stockings. “You like what you see?” She licked her lips.

Albert and Zofia said in unison, “Yes.” Zofia added, “Now help me get undressed too!”

“Yes, ma’am!” her friends chorused. Albert and Freya undressed Zofia. While she played with Freya, Albert watched as he quickly undressed, his story forgotten. The sun was warm on their skin as they made love to each other, each giving as good as they got.

While the girls dozed, wrapped in each other’s arms, Albert reached for his journal. Inspiration had just struck him between the eyes and he hurried to get it all down.

The shepherd sat there, tending his flock, when the two nymphs appeared. Naked, they danced seductively before the boy and it was not long, before he forgot about his sheep. While his flock wandered off, the nymphs did their best to seduce him…

Albert made some notes on the bottom of the page. The sun was too warm and he was feeling too lazy to want to write at the moment. He threw a bit of sand, from the pouch in his satchel, on the page to dry the ink, before he blew it off and closed it. Tucking the journal back into his satchel, Albert crawled over to the girls. Spooning in behind his mistress, Albert also fell asleep.


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