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A Mother and her Babies

Title: A Mother and her Babies
Prompt: Chirping
Fandom: Original
Characters: A mother dragon and her hatchlings
Word count: 300
Rating: G
Summary: A mother dragon tends to her hatchlings…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me.

The mother dragon sat on her aerie, which was high in the mountains. She could the soft chirping of her babies through the tough, leathery eggs and knew it would not be long before they hatched. She chirped back at them and getting up, she left her nest in search of food.

The eggs lay there, basking in the warmth of the sun. Occasionally, one would move as the hatchling stretched as best it could in the cramped space of the inner egg. Inside the oldest egg, the baby dragon began chipping away at the tough leathery shell surrounding him. By the time his mother had returned, he had finally cracked through.

The mother dragon nuzzled her hatchling. He chirped back at her, so she offered him a bite of the deer she had caught. The hatchling eagerly ate it. He begged for more and his mother fed him. By now, his siblings were in various stages of hatching and it would not be long before his mother had a full clutch to feed.

When all her babies had hatched, the mother dragon went hunting again. She had a large clutch of dun colored hatchlings that matched the surrounding rocks and sticks of their aerie. They would stay with their mother until they were fully fledged, before taking off on their own. For now, the baby dragons were content to remain with their mother, snapping at large insects and birds that strayed too close to their nest. Their mother happily tended to them, bringing deer, sheep, and occasionally cattle for them to eat. They kept her busy, but the hatchlings grew fast as spring warmed the valley below. By the time summer came, they would be on their own. Those that survived, would keep the cycle of life ever turning.
Tags: fffc, hatchlings, mama dragon, original ficcage
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