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Con report

I came home yesterday, but I was feeling so wiped that I didn't even turn my compy on. XD It was more of a bust than a hit. The one panel I really wanted to see was on during out travel time. Even if we go up EARLY & went, I probably woudl have been too exhausted to enjoy it & never would have gotten my chores done before I left. XD

The room was okay, but I'm sorry, one bed & a pull out sofa instead a a room with 2 beds, like we made our reservation for. Not only that, they were snotty about it & refused to upgrade us. The previous year when they did that, they gave us a huge room with a king bed & apologized.

I still can't believe they not only gave me my badge, but my sister's. She had stayed in the room to unpack some stuff & take a quick nap. I had gotten dressed up in my one outfit before going down for my badge. I walked the dealers' room, picked up some candy & manga. I should have known I was going to end up sick later, when I saw this red bean mochi that I LOVE & passed it by. XD I would up getting bad stomach cramps, a sick tummy, & terrible heartburn that made me want to die. The only good thing, when my sister went down to get me some milk, they gave her a pint for nothing. You would think that would be the worst thing to eat when feeling like that, but it actually helped. XD Anyways... I went back downstairs with my sister to the dealer's room & we found a friend of hers there & bought dragon plushies. Then we went back to our room & watch Zootopia, which was really cute, ordered in a pizza from domino's & basically vegged. XD Later that night after I showered I felt ill & we decided to leave in the morning.

So we got up, had a muffin & tea/coffee for breakfast & checked out. On the way home, my sister took me to the King of Prussia mall, which is HUGE. It took us 20 minutes to find Torrid, where I spent way too much on 2 pairs of leggings, but they are well made & they do fit a lot nicer than what Target used to have. (Now their leggings are cut so small, someone who's a size XS would need an XL, seriously? XD)I have my Star Wars ones on now. :D

We drove home, hit traffic (welcome to NY), & I basically vegged out last night after doing a load of laundry & unpacking. (I still need to find my phone charger as I tossed in a bag before I left, tossed it back at the hotel & never saw it in my suitcase. I'm thinking it's either in the bag I carried my boots in, or it's in the bag with my pillow, blanket, & wigs were in. And yes, I do like my pillow from home along with a small travel blanket.)
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