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Christmas in July Bingo 1

Title: Country Road
Prompt: Starry Night
Fandom: Original
Characters: James, Bernd, mention of Didi and Tino
Word count: 410
Rating: G
Summary: James and Bernd walked along the country back roads from Tino’s house…
Author’s Note: Please note that James belongs to Kat. I’m just borrowing him. Thanks also go out to Kat for pinking this.

Happy Bday, Kat, with love…

James and Bernd walked along the country back roads from Tino’s house, where they dropped off Bernd’s brother Didi’s backpack for his impromptu sleepover, to Bernd’s house on the edge of farm country. What should have been a half hour walk there and back, turned into an hour as they had hung out for a bit, before leaving. The stars had just come out, dotting the sky with their twinkling light.

They paused to watch the bats swoop in and out of the light cast by a light of the last bus stop out of town. Dozens of bugs danced in the light as well, only to be eaten. A few escaped and one mosquito bit Bernd’s cheek, before he slapped it, squishing it. “Eww…” Bernd wiped his hand on his shorts.

“Come on,” James said as they started walking again. “Let’s go.”

Bernd swatted another mosquito as he hurried after him. “Those bats are cool.”

“Yeah.” James nodded noncommittally as he walked. As they got closer and closer to Bernd’s house, the stars became brighter and surrounding area darker, so they switched on their flashlights.

“I like how they eat bugs.” Bernd grinned.

James snorted. “You would, seeing how they always seem to bite you.”

Bernd laughed when James swatted at a mosquito. He looked up at the sky as they walked along. “Hey, James, you think there’s any aliens out there? I mean look at all those stars, think anyone lives out there?”

James tried hard to keep from rolling his eyes. “I told you that was the grand opening of the new car wash the other night and those were huge spotlights that you saw reflected off the clouds.”

“I know…” Bernd still did not know whether he should be happy or disappointed about it.

“They running an Ancient Aliens marathon again?” James smirked smugly, highly amused by Bernd’s obsession with the show.

“Yeah…” Bernd felt his cheeks heating up. “It’s a good show, James!”

“I know.” James snorted, shaking his head.

They turned towards the right and walked up the gravel driveway to Bernd’s house. Moths danced around the back porch light. Since that was the only light in the area, aside from the lights on inside of the house, there was a good view of the night sky. James and Bernd paused to look up all the stars.

“Should we make a wish?” Bernd grinned.

“Nah…” James grinned back at him.

Together they went inside.
Tags: bday pressie, bernd, bingo, bingo ficcage, james, kat, original ficcage
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