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Christmas in July Bingo 6

Title: Their Special Spot
Prompt: Over the River and Through the Woods
Fandom: Original
Characters: James, Bernd, Blitzkrieg, mention of Amber
Word count: 603
Rating: PG 13 for “brief nudity”
Summary: Bernd and James go to their special spot and go swimming…
Author’s Note: Please note that James and Amber belong to Kat. I’m just borrowing them. Thanks also go out to Kat for pinking this.

Happy Bday, Kat, with love…

Bernd saddled his horse Blitzkrieg and rode through the meadow to James’ house. He had called, wondering if the twins wanted to go to their special spot and go swimming. Amber had mumbled something he thought was “cramps.” Embarrassed, she had also yelled at him when he asked her to repeat it, but James, at least, was eager to come along.

Blitzkrieg splashed through the creek that widened farther down into the river the kids liked to swim and splash around in. Bernd turned him right, to trot along the bank that bordered the woods and marked the end of the property. The trees soon thinned out into a small field, which he galloped through, before reaching James’ and Amber’s house, which was on a neighboring farm.

James met him outside. Like Bernd, he had a small backpack with his swimsuit, a towel, and something for lunch inside it. A bit of maneuvering by the fronts steps, which James used as a mounting block, and it was not long before he was sitting behind his friend. When they reached the field, Bernd urged Blitzkrieg into a canter, only to slow down once they reached the trees. They followed the creek, crossing at its lowest point. On the other side, they dismounted. Bernd took off Blitzkrieg’s saddle and turned the horse out to graze in the shade of the large willow tree.

The two boys stripped down to their skin and pulled on their swimsuits. Bernd also added an old t-shirt. Towheaded and very pale, he burned easily, and already had mild sunburn from the other day when he went swimming with his younger brother Didi. The last thing he wanted was trying to explain to his father why his arse was burned as well. James was also pale, but he tended to freckle unlike Bernd.

The two of them swam out to the middle of the river where it was about neck high on Bernd. They splashed each other and dove under the water, horsing around while having fun, cooling off. James, taking a break from dunking his friend, leaned back and floated on the river’s lazy current. Bernd laughed and dogpaddled after him. He rolled onto his back and floated too.

Growing tired of the water, they climbed out and dried off. Bernd, finding it a little chilly with his wet shirt on, took it off and tossed it aside. They sat under the shade of the old willow and pulled their lunches out of their backpacks. The two of them ate in companionable silence, watching the sun sparkling on the river.

Bernd leaned against James. “What do ya wanna do now?”

“Hmmmm…” James thought it over. “I don’t know…”

“You wanna go back to my house and play video games?”

James continued to think it over. “Okay.” He grinned.


Bernd got up and changed into his dry clothes. James followed suit and with his help, Bernd was able to saddle Blitzkrieg. This time, he gave James a leg up onto his horse’s back. Bernd took the reins in one hand, holding the other out to James, who grabbed it and pulled him up, helping him into the saddle. Blitzkrieg shook his head and snorted. Bernd quickly settled into the saddle and took off. They leisurely made their way over to Bernd’s house, stopping at the stable to remove the horse’s tack and let Blitzkrieg in the paddock.

The friends made their way to the house. They hung their wet stuff on the line outside, before going inside to spend the afternoon, hanging out in Bernd’s room, and playing video games.


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