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Christmas in July Bingo 7

Title: The Adam and Eve Special
Prompt: Doughnuts
Fandom: Original
Characters: James, Bernd, mention of Amber
Word count: 390
Rating: PG 13 for “naughty donuts”
Summary: James meets Bernd, who had a tough therapy session, at the new donut shop…
Author’s Note: Please note that James and Amber belong to Kat. I’m just borrowing them. Thanks also go out to Kat for pinking this.

Happy Bday, Kat, with love…

Bernd pushed the door to the new donut shop open and stepped inside. He felt miserable after his therapy session and annoyed Amber was going to be late meeting him. Looking around for a place to sit, he saw Amber’s twin brother James.

James waved him over. “Hey, Bernd.”

Bernd sat down. “Hey, James…”

“You okay?”

Bernd nodded. He leaned forward and put his head down on his arms. He sighed.

“Let’s get some donuts. They have a couple you might like.”

Bernd mumbled something into his arms.

James shrugged and got up to go get an assortment of donuts. He returned a few minutes later with a tray containing a box of donuts and two cups of cocoa. He set the tray down on the table and placed a cup in front of Bernd. “Be careful when you sit up, you don’t spill the cocoa.”

His friend did as he was told. He reached for his cocoa and sipped it. The warmth felt good going down and he gave James a brief smile.

“Wait ‘til you see what I got us.” James grinned and reached for the box of donuts. He opened the box and showed Bernd the contents. “It’s the ‘Adam and Eve’ special.”

Bernd looked at the donuts. A tiny smirk pulled the one side of his mouth up. “Tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

“If you think it’s a couple of boobies and dicks, then you’re right,” James chuckled. “And they’re all filled with vanilla crème.”

“Yeah?” Bernd shyly smiled. Despite how upset he was when he walked in, James’ silly treat was beginning to lift his spirits.

“Go ahead and dig in.” James gently shook the box.

Bernd reached out and took a donut from the box. “I got a dick.” He smirked and bit into it. He ate it, savoring the taste of the crème filling. “It’s good.”

“Thought you’d like it.” James ate his booby donut.

Bernd nodded and finished his donut, before reaching for a booby-shaped one. He took a bite out of it, washing it down with his cocoa.

“Feeling better?” James drank his cocoa and reached for another donut.

His friend thought it over for a minute. “Yeah… I am, thanks.” Bernd smiled and finished his donut.

“Then my work is done,” James smirked.

“So it is.”
Tags: allbingo, amber, bday pressie, bernd, bingo, bingo ficcage, james, kat, original ficcage
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