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Christmas in July Bingo 9

Title: Silly Boys
Prompt: Candles
Fandom: Original
Characters: James, Bernd, and Amber
Word count: 260
Rating: G
Summary: James and Bernd have a Happy Friday…
Author’s Note: Please note that James and Amber belong to Kat. I’m just borrowing them. Thanks also go out to Kat for pinking this.

Happy Bday, Kat, with love…

They sat in the kitchen at Bernd’s house, enjoying some hot cocoa and the cupcakes Bernd’s brother Didi had made. When his friend got up to refill their mugs, James stuck three candles in Bernd’s uneaten cupcake. He lit them just as Bernd turned to bring the mugs to the table.


“Happy Friday to you… Happy Friday to you…” James sang.

Bernd laughed. “Should I blow them out?”

James nodded and drank his cocoa. He could not wait to see the look on his friends face when he tried.

Bernd sat down and took a deep breath. He blew the candles out and smiled. “YAY!” he said, his smile quickly fading when the candles magically relit themselves.

James snickered. “I thought you were going to blow them out,” he teased.

Bernd rolled his eyes and played along. “I did! I swear it!” he chuckled.

“They don’t look blown out to me!” James laughed.

Bernd tried blowing the candles out to no avail. “I’m trying, I’m trying!” he chortled. He tried again and again, laughing along with James when the trick candles relit themselves.

Amber walked into the kitchen, a basket of dirty laundry from the upstairs bathroom in her hands. She watched as her husband and twin brother laughed themselves silly over the trick candles and shook her head. “You two idiots ever going to grow up?”

“Nope!” they chorused as the candles finally gutted out on their own.

“Didn’t think so.” She shook her head again and smiled as she continued on her way downstairs amid their laughter.
Tags: allbingo, amber, bday pressie, bernd, bingo, bingo ficcage, james, kat, original ficcage
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