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Fall Fest Bingo 2

Title: Halloween Fun Anticipation
Prompt: Living Dead Girl
Fandom: Original
Characters: Amber, Bernd, mention of Fritz, Vati, Greta, James, and Cesare
Word count: 566
Rating: PG
Summary: Bernd wants to know what they’re going to be for James’ and Cesare’s Halloween party, Amber tells him not to worry about it…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me. Also please note Amber, James, and Greta belong to Kat, I’m just borrowing them.
Author’s Note 2: Living Dead Girl was written by Rob Zombie / Rob Wolfgang Zombie and Scott Humphrey.

Amber stood at the kitchen sink, filling the kettle with water for a cup of tea and humming along to the songs on the radio. Her infant son Fritz was napping, and although the thought of lying down while he slept was a good one, a couple of hours of “me time” curled up with a good book, was a better one. As she turned off the tap, a pair of arms snaked around her from behind. Amber mentally shook her head at the sound of the raspy tenor in her ear.

Bernd was doing his best to sing along with Robb Zombie. Unfortunately, he did not know the words to Living Dead Girl. “Nah nah nah… Die for me… Living Dead Girl….” When Amber turned around to face him, he took the kettle from her, setting it down on the counter. Gathering her in his arms, he waltzed her around the kitchen. “Cyclone Jack, hallucinating hack…” He hummed along, occasionally singing a word or two. “Nah nah naaah nah… Living Dead Girl…”

“What?” Amber smiled, despite the “interruption” to her “me time.”

Bernd attempted to dip her, only to find himself being dipped. He smirked up at her. “Oh nothing… Living Dead Girl…”


“You know James’ and Cesare’s Halloween party’s in two weeks and Vati said he’d watch Fritz for us and…” Bernd said as they danced.

“I know.”

Bernd nodded. “Anyways, well, Halloween’s your fave and all and well…”


The song ended and they came to a stop, despite the music playing in the background.

“What are we going as? And then there’s Halloween so we need to figure out what to dress Fritz up as too.”

“Bernd honey, we still have two weeks, so don’t worry about it. We’ve done our fair share of last minute stuff before and it’s all worked out okay.”

“I know, but…”

Amber smiled. Bernd was starting to love her favorite holiday as much as she did and while it warmed her heart, she was tired from doing the majority of caring for Fritz and just did not want to think about it at the moment. “How about I have that cup of tea I was going to make,” she glanced over at the kettle, “and think about it?”

“Okay.” Bernd grinned. He had the feeling, whatever she came up with, it would be awesome. “I guess I should go back to work, hunh?”

Amber laughed. He was working at home, so “going back to work,” was nothing more than heading back upstairs to his room and his waiting laptop. “Yeah.” She put the kettle on the stove, switching it on.

Bernd kissed her cheek. “Want me to get Fritz if he wakes up?”

“Please? I might have to sleep on it.”

He chuckled. “Baby monitor in the den?”

She nodded. Amber watched him turn and go, before she went to the cabinet, took out a mug. In the pantry cabinet, she got herself an herbal tea while she waited for the kettle to boil. Amber chuckled softly to herself. She had already come up with an idea for their costumes and had been working on it with Greta whenever Bernd left to go to the office. As much as she wanted to tell him that, she was enjoying his anticipation and excitement too much to let him know that she had everything taken care of.


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