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Fall Fest Bingo 7

Title: Bernd’s Whirlwind Tour of the Fair
Prompt: Corn Maze
Fandom: Original
Characters: Amber, Bernd, James, Didi, Tino, Cesare
Word count: 967
Rating: PG
Summary: Bernd, high on sugar, drags his friends all over the county fair, and wants to check a corn maze amongst other things…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me. Also please note Amber and James belong to Kat, I’m just borrowing them.

“Hey! Let’s go check out the corn maze!” Bernd cried as he headed in that direction. Groaning nearly as one, his brother and friends trailed along after him. They had spent the day at the county fair, bouncing from whatever caught Bernd’s fancy one moment to the next. Hyped up from all the sugary treats he had been eating, the sixteen year old even went on the “pirate ship of doom” much to everyone’s amazement. Undaunted by the fact that he had screamed himself hoarse and nearly lost his corn dog lunch, Bernd was dragging them towards the tilt-a-whirl, when he spotted the corn maze next to the petting zoo.

“Why?” Cesare whined. Tired of running after his friends, all he wanted to do was drag James to the bumper cars. “That’s like lamer than lame!”

“Your point?” Amber said. She was also tired of Bernd’s nonsense, but was willing to put up with the stupid maze, instead watching him get sick on the ride in a vain attempt at proving he was not a “scaredy cat.” Mentally sighing, she shook her head and said, “It sounds like fun, Bernd.”

He grinned at her. “James, you and Didi should lead the way.”

“Why?” his brother Didi asked. He looked at Tino and shrugged.

“You two are the tallest and can see over the corn,” Bernd said as if that explained everything.

Didi looked at his brother like he had suddenly sprouted another head or two. It was true, he was taller that his brother at twelve years old, but James still had a few inches on him when it came to height. Add to that his blue punk Mohawk and James towered over everyone. “But…?”

James sighed. “Come on, Didi, you can’t argue with ‘Bernd logic’.”

“He’s right,” Tino said.

Didi shook his head and trooped along with everyone else over to the corn maze, where they each handed over two dollars to enter. It turned out that James’ and Didi’s height was not the advantage Bernd thought it would be, since the walls of the maze were thicker than expected, making it difficult for them see through the tops of corn stalks. Undaunted, they still had a great time, following along the “right pathway,” while getting stuck in various dead ends. Even Cesare enjoyed himself, especially when he was leading the way and somehow managed to stumble upon the way out.

“That was awesome!” Bernd said as they stood just outside the corn maze’s exit. “Anyone wanna go again?”

“NO!” his friends and brother chorused.

At his look of disappointment, Amber added, “We could go to the petting zoo. I thought I saw a Shetland pony.”

“Yeah?” Bernd grinned.


“Oh, fun and joy,” Cesare grumbled as they walked around the maze to get to it. “And afterwards, let’s get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Me too!” Bernd said as he led the way.

Despite Bernd’s “whirlwind tour” of the fairgrounds, everyone was having a fun time. After something to eat, they decided to end it by going on a hayride. For now, they were enjoying the petting zoo. Bernd had surprised them by buying a couple of souvenir cups worth food for the animals.

“Hey!” Cesare yelled when a baby goat head butted his leg in hopes of getting a handful of alfalfa pellets. His brother Tino laughed.

“Hey, Che! This is how you do it.” Tino poured a handful of pellets into his hand and held it out to a baby goat. The kid daintily nibbled it out of his hand amid Tino’s giggles.

Bernd bounced from goat to goat, feeding them small bits as he made his way over to the pony. He was solid black like Bernd’s Friesian, Blitzkrieg, and Bernd would have taken him home in a heartbeat. “Look, Amber! He’s like Blitzkrieg’s Mini-me!” He held out a handful of food to the pony. The pony sniffed at it, before eating it. He blew warm horsey breath on Bernd’s hand, whickering softly for more. Bernd happily obliged him.

“He really does.” Amber leaned against the fence separating her friend and the pony. Horses always seem drawn to her friend, the way cats were with her twin brother. She smiled ruefully, thinking how nice it would have been if frogs and toads and other “creepy-crawlies” would have loved her that way when she was younger. Then again, when she really thought about, her “zoo” as it was affectionately known as, was big enough. “Anyway, I think we should go soon, before the goats eat Cesare,” she chuckled.

Bernd looked over to see his friend surrounded by baby goats. He laughed. Patting the pony goodbye, he said, “Let’s go rescue him.” They headed over to Cesare. By now the others had also noticed his plight and were walking over to him.

“Go away,” James said, as he dumped his food on the ground. The goats, taking the hint, trotted over to the food, leaving Cesare alone.

Cesar grumbled softly in Italian. He looked up at James and said, “My hero!” He snorted in irritation amid his friends’ laughter as they left the petting zoo.

After filling up on burgers instead of corn dogs, they headed over to the hayride. Everyone piled in the back of the wagon for a trip around the fairgrounds. It was the kind of ride Bernd liked; slow and easy, and about as thrilling as watching paint dry. He snuggled between James and Amber, alternately leaning on one or the other as the stars came out. Checking his watch, he sighed as it was getting late and Vati would soon be there to pick them up. Despite, the “thrilling” start to his day at the fair, Bernd had a great time and he hoped everyone else did too.


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