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Fall Fest Bingo 9

Title: Get Ready With Me
Prompt: Drag
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, James, Denis, Julio, Cesare, mention of Amber
Word count: 407
Rating: PG13
Summary: They guys are getting ready for a Halloween contest, by looking through boxes of old Halloween costumes…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me. Also please note Amber and James belong to Kat, I’m just borrowing them.

Bernd and James riffled through the box of wigs for ones that they liked. Cesare sat on the bed, grumbling about how stupid they were all going to look, while Denis and Julio looked through a different box for the perfect “pimp hat.” Everyone was glad Amber loved Halloween enough to not only save previous year’s costumes, but she often picked up bits and pieces during the year at the thrift shop for possible use later on.

Bernd pulled out a pink mullet wig and put it on. “How do I look?” He smirked and made a kissy face. Everyone laughed.

“You look fabulous!” Denis said. He kissed his friend’s cheek.”Voo-lay vookoo-shay avec moi!” he said in horrible French.

“Hunh?” Bernd looked at him like he suddenly sprouted two more heads.

James hugged Bernd and mock glared at Denis. “Don’t you know he’s too pure for this world?!”

Cesare laughed. “You’re confusing him with my brother, you idiot!”

“You look pretty, Bernd,” Julio said.

“Thanks!” Bernd blew him a kiss.

James went back to hunting for a wig. He pulled out a neon blue one. “Perfect.” He grinned. “Your turn!”

“So it is!” Julio said as he got up and went over to look through the bin with Cesare. He found a curly black haired wig that he liked, while Cesare grabbed the first thing he laid his hand on, a pastel rainbow confection of a wig.

“Works for me,” Cesare said dryly. He thought the whole thing was stupid, but he did not want to be left out.

Everyone put the outfits they found at the thrift store along with whatever fancy looking shoes or boots they could find. Denis put the hat on his head, before shrugging into the moth-eaten fur coat he found at a garage sale. “What do you think?” He picked up his pimp stick and struck a pose.

Cesare threw a shoe at him. “You look like an idiot!”

Denis waggled his eyebrows. “And you don’t?” he chuckled. “I thought I looked really… Pimp-ish?”

“Pimple-ish is more like it,” Julio chortled as they all laughed.

“I’m telling you, we’re going to win that costume contest!”

“Let’s go then!” Bernd said. He tottered in his heels over to the door. “Oh, and Amber said she wishes us good luck.”

“We’re going to need it,” Cesare grumbled as they headed out to one of the local pubs where the contest was being held.


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