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Title: Sunday Dinner
Fandom: original
Prompt: Abbiocco (Italian): drowsiness from eating a big meal...
Characters: Luigi, Wolfgang
Word count: 313
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary/Preview: Luigi and Wolfgang enjoy a big Sunday dinner...
Notes: Thanks go out to my beta Kat for pinking this. This was written for allbingo's January bingo and the 12 days of ficmas.

Luigi pushed his plate away from himself, before pushing slightly back from the table. Leaning back in his chair, he burped contentedly. “That was good,” he said, patting his stomach.

Wolfgang let out a long suffering sigh at the burp, but his best friend was right; it was a good meal. He chuckled softly to himself. Too bad the kinder missed it… he thought. Amber was away for the weekend with Greta and Mishka, Bernd was away with his kids and James, Didi and Tino were busy at the gallery where Tino worked. Despite telling Luigi this, his friend as usual cooked enough Sunday dinner to feed a small army. Of course the two of them felt the need to eat like there was no tomorrow, but the food was so good! Now he was paying for it with an overly full stomach and when did the waist band on his pants get to tight? He undid the button and let out a soft burp. “Ja.”

Luigi undid the top of his pants as well. He yawned. “Damn I’m sleepy!”

Wolfgang nodded. “Why don’t we put the food away and clean up later? And maybe watch some TV?” He stifled a yawn, covering it up with cough.

“You too, hunh?” Luigi gave him a knowing look.

Wolfgang nodded sheepishly.

“That’s how we know the meal was good!” Luigi got up from the table. At his friend’s confused look, he said, “When you feel sleepy from it. So let’s clean up quickly and put the stuff away, and go take a lil nap.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Wolfgang said as he also got up from the table.

Working together, it did not take long for the two of them to tidy the kitchen and put the food away. Without saying another word, they both headed to Luigi’s bedroom to sleep off their heavy lunch.


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