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Title: The Road Before Them
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Summary: The boys are driving down the road and listening to the radio…
Author’s note: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own.
Author’s note 2: "Carry On Wayward Son" was written by Kerry Livgren.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

The highway stretched out before them as drove through the night. Led Zeppelin, and various others played on. Sometimes they sang along, other times they listened in silence, the music only stopping whenever they pulled into a gas station. It was while they were looking for a motel, they heard it:

“Carry on my wayward son… For there'll be peace when you are done… Lay your weary head to rest… Don't you cry no more…”

“It’s a sign, Sammy.”


Dean nodded. “Everything’s gonna be alright.” He grinned.

Sam could not help smiling.

“There'll be peace when you are done…”
Tags: big pretzel, dean winchester, dew, drabble, sam winchester
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