the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff (kiramaru7) wrote,
the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff

Honey, I'm home!!

I got in last night from my trip to Hazard Con. I NEVER want to sit in a car 9 hours ever again! No matter what!! XD What to say about the con...? The hotel was nice it was interconnected not only to the hall where the con was held, but also to the neighboring hotel. The room was good. while there, we watched either "Ancient Aliens" or "Naked and Afraid" cuz there really was much on. Why were we in the room watching TV you ask? Well, the con was sooo SMALL you could literally see everything in 10, 15 minutes. The dealers' room had like 10 dealers in it & you could walk around it several times in 5 minutes. XD NOTE: We applied for a table there to sell art & couldn't get one! That's how small it was. It felt like there were 20, 30 cosplayers if that. No souvenir book, or printed schedule. I like a printed schedule & since I needed ink in mine, I figured I could get one at the con, but no. XD With a printed schedule I could plan out what I wanted to see. They did have some rooms for panels, but most of the time they were empty & it wasn't marked what was coming up or what was going on, except for the one room with the Voice Actors. I was asked by a vendor to check out a live action show they were promoting about a group of female super heroes. I found it 15 minutes after it should have started, but no one was there & I felt weird sitting there by myself, so I skipped it. XD I finally got to taste Tim Horton donuts & I have to say they were every bit as good as I've heard! Sadly, they're an upstate thing. *sighs* But they were awesome breakfasts on Friday & Sunday. :D We somehow missed breakfast on Saturday. XD My black steampunk outfit got a compliment from a dealer who liked it. And 2 people knew I was Princess Leia & liked my outfit on Saturday. :D My shoes Saturday, however, were torture, so dressed as the Galaxy's Princess, my sister & I went to the Walmart across the street. *LAUGHS* I got to be a Walmart creature!! Peeps stared, but no one said anything & I was lucky to find a comfy pair of white, slip-on sneakers. :D (I also got myself a pair of leggings. XD) That pretty much was that. My sister got compliments & pix taken of her in her dragon fursuit (which she made herself.). :D

I'll put up a pic of us as soon as I get them. XD As for next year's con, my sister found one that's a lot closer that's in August. Our next big thing, is a trip to the Ren-faire!! :D I think those Princess Leia buns will come in handy for that & I have 2 hair pieces that are LONG to complete the look. :D
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