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Stolen from enemytosleep...

While checking out my flist, I found this fun challenge over at enemytosleep's. It's a 30 day anime challenge. I'm going to do 3 days at a time like she did & hopefully keep this short & sweet. XD

Here's the challenge image for those of you who also want to play along:

30 day anime challenge

1) Favorite opening song: This is a tough one as I have TONS of anime music I like to listen to, but I'm not sure which is an opening theme, which is a closing one. Character songs I can figure out & I have a few faves there. ;D But if I have to pick one... I'll go with "Tank!" which is the opening to "Cowboy Bebop." It totally fits the nature of the show!

2) The first anime I watched: I think it was Cardcaptors along with Sailor Moon, DBZ & Gundam Wing. It was only when I got around to buying Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD that I realized the dub for it was heavily edited so "boys would like it too." XD Although, out of all those I listed, Sailor Moon was my least favorite. Her whining got on my nerves real fast & truthfully, I only watched it so that I wouldn't miss DBZ Or Gundam Wing which came after it. XD

3) The first anime fandom you joined: That's easy! Cardcaptor Sakura followed by Chobits. I also was into Inuyasha & followed the fandom on a small scale. Then I met Jen, who got me to join LJ & from there I found IYHED, where I really got into writing & contributing to the fandom as well as other writing comms. :D IYHED's now an archive where you can find a ton of ficcage of a more adult nature. XD If interested, you can find it here:
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