the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff (kiramaru7) wrote,
the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff

Stolen from Kat, who stole it from Dizzo

Marriages: 0
Engagements: 0
Divorces: 0
Kids: 0
Brothers: 0, I had one who's now my sister
Sisters: 1
Current pets: 2 birds, 1 betta, & tank full of guppies
Surgeries: do stitches & root canals count?
Tattoos: 0
Been to an Island: I live on one XD
Flown on a Plane: Many times
Rode in an Ambulance: Once when I was in a car accident
Sang Karaoke:yeah. XD
Ice Skating: many times when I was younger
Been on a Cruise: twice
Rode on a Motorcycle: Yes
Owned a Motorcycle: Nope
Rode on a Horse: Yes
Stayed in a Hospital: Only when I was born XD
Favourite Fruit: I don't like fruit XD
Favourite Day: Friday
Favourite Colour: Blue, black, purple, green, pink
Last phone call: Dad
Coffee or Tea: tea!
Favourite Pie: Pumpkin & apple
Favourite pizza : cheese
Favourite season: Winter
Met a star: yes! I met Sean Astin at a con. XD
Rode in a helicopter: Nope
Been on tv: nope
Broken a bone: more than one
Seen a ghost: No, but I've felt their presence
Been sick in a taxi: Nope
Seen someone die: nope
Tags: dizzojay, kat, meme
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