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Winterfest in July Bingo 3

Title: Santa’s Little Helpers
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: G
Character(s): James, Cesare, and Bernd, mention of Amber and Denis
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 241
Written for the prompt: Santa's Elves
Summary: Thanks to their friend Denis, James, Cesare, and Bernd get jobs as Santa’s elves at the local mall…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

Needing a job to earn some extra money for Christmas, Bernd, Cesare, and James, all headed to the mall on Denis’ advice. It seems their friend had gotten a job, taking pictures of kids sitting on Santa’s lap for their adoring parents. Apparently, the people in charge of it needed some elves to add to the experience, which is where Denis’ friends came in. As luck would have it, they were all hired.

The next day, when everyone reported in, they were told to get into their uniforms, which were very generic “Christmas Elf” costumes, complete with green shorts, a red pointy hat, white long-sleeved shirt, candy-striped tights, and curled, pointy-toed shoes. They were given a quick run-down of what they had to do, which was to take turns walking the kids over to Santa and handing them candy canes when they were finished. It was an easy job, and it paid minimum wage. Denis, who manned the camera, got a dollar more.

Everyone had a good time in the month leading up to Christmas, with the added bonus of a general “employees’ discount” making shopping for gifts on their lunch hour easy as well as letting them splurge a bit. Even Amber showing up unexpectedly, and laughing herself silly at how dorky they all looked, could not dampen their fun. They all agreed it was better than the jobs she had had, even if they made less than she did.
Tags: allbingo, amber, bernd, bingo, bingo ficcage, blue tiger/pink bunny, cesare, denis, james, original ficcage, winterfest in july
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