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Winterfest in July Bingo 6

Title: A Holiday Treat
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): Didi and Tino
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 177
Written for the prompt: Panettone
Summary: Tino loves how tasty the panettone, his husband Didi made, is…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

Didi filled two mugs with coffee, adding cream and sugar to both, before bringing them to the kitchen table. Tino cut two slices of homemade panettone. He put a slice where Didi normally sat, taking the proffered coffee mug from his husband, before they both sat down.

Tino took a bite. “Oh my god!” he cried. “This is better than Cesare’s!” He took another bite, washing it down with a mouthful of coffee.

Didi shyly smiled. “Yeah?”

His husband nodded between bites.

“It’s Onkel Luigi’s recipe.” Didi took a bite.

“Really? That’s the same one Cesare uses.”

“Yeah?” Didi sipped his coffee. “I know how much you like it and I’m glad you liked the way mine came out.”

Grazie mille, amore mio!” Tino said. He blew a kiss at his husband. He thought it was adorable the way Didi’s cheeks heated up.

Bitte…” Didi said softly as he reached for his coffee mug. He pushed the panettone towards his beloved. “Have some more.”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Tino said as he cut himself another slice.
Tags: allbingo, bingo, bingo ficcage, blue tiger/pink bunny, didi, original ficcage, tino, winterfest in july
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