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Kiss 13: Blue Steel

Title: Blue Steel
Author: kira
Table: Leo
Prompt: Kiss 13: Fabulous
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi/Tino
Word count: 197
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Didi lounges in bed while Tino primps in front of the mirror…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this and helping me with a title.

Didi lounged in bed and watched as Tino stood in front of the mirror over his dresser and primped. His beloved turned his head this way and that, all the while making what Didi assumed were serious faces. He reminded him of the title character from the movie “Zoolander.” It was hard to keep from laughing at his husband, but he somehow managed.

“How do I look?” Tino said. He turned to face his husband, who was waiting for him to come and join him in bed.

A faint smile tugged at Didi’s lips. “You look… Fabulous.”

“I do?” Tino’s expression brightened as he got into bed. He cuddled up next to Didi.

“Very much so.” Didi nuzzled his cheek. “You look cute too.”

They kissed.

“Thanks…” Tino purred. “And to show you how much I love you, I think we should-”

Didi put a finger on his husband’s lips. “I think you should be quiet and kiss me again.”

Tino did just that and more. It was not long before they shed their pajamas, and were making love. They cuddled as they basked in the afterglow and they soon fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.
Tags: 15 kisses, didi, kiss 13, leo table, original ficcage, tino
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