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Kiss 14: For the Art

Title: For the Art
Author: kira
Table: Leo
Prompt: Kiss 14: Harsh
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi/Tino
Word count:
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Didi poses for Tino’s life drawing class…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this.

Didi stood under the harsh classroom lights and looked out at Tino. He was naked, and trying hard not to think about it. He still could not figure out how Tino talked him into this. While he had no problem taking his clothes off so Tino could sketch him at home, standing up in front a classroom of near strangers was a different matter. He was embarrassed, self-conscious, cold, and it felt like his left calf was starting to cramp up. And his nose itched and so did a host of other places on his body. Unfortunately, he still had five minutes left on the timer, before he could break the pose. They were proving to be the longest five minutes of his life.

To make matter worse, every time he would catch Tino’s eye, his boyfriend would pucker his lips like he wanted to kiss him. After a while, whenever he glanced over at him, all he could think about was the last time he had posed for him. Tino had sketched him in various stages of undress and it ended with a bit of fun in his boyfriend’s bed. Unfortunately, it had awakened a certain part of his anatomy, furthering Didi’s mortification. He was glad when things calmed down and the timer finally pinged.

Tino grabbed his boyfriend’s robe and hurried over to him. “Here.” He handed him the robe.

“Thanks.” Didi quickly shrugged into it and tied it close.

“Come, let’s go look at everyone’s drawings!”

“I don’t know, Tino.”

“It’s okay. The next time we have class we’ll take our favorite one and put it up for everyone to see and then we discuss them. See? They’re looking at mine and I don’t mind.” Tino looked over at his desk, where two of his classmates were looking at his sketchbook.

“Tino!” Didi hissed. “It’s full of me!”

“So? Lots of artists live with their models.” Tino grinned.

“We don’t live together.”

“We practically do.” Tino smiled.

Didi heaved a long suffering sigh. He was standing up there, naked for all the world to see and he knew Tino’s art teacher graded his boyfriend’s sketches, but those sketches were private glimpses into their intimate moments, right? Maybe they weren’t, as art was meant to be seen or so Tino had told him on numerous occasions. He shook his head. “I guess so…”

Tino waited for his classmates to move away from his sketchbook, before steering Didi over to it. He picked it up and flipped through it until he found the drawing he was looking for. “See this?” He showed Didi a sketch of female model. “That’s Andy’s girlfriend. He’s the guy sitting in the back talking to the two girls.”

Didi looked up to see who he was talking about. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. So you’re not the first significant other who’s posed for the class.” Tino smiled. “And you probably won’t be the last either.” Tino snaked his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him close.

“I have a few classes with some of the people here…” Didi blushed. He stepped back, out of his boyfriend’s embrace.

“So what? Most of our models are fellow students. There’s a girl in my art history class, who models all the time for us. It’s no biggie.” Tino shrugged. “And in case you’re wondering, I’d do it heartbeat too.”


“Totally naked! It’s for the art, after all.” Tino kissed his cheek. “Anyway, you have one more twenty minute pose and then class is over and you never have to do it again if you don’t want to.”

“Okay.” Armed with that knowledge, Didi felt better. He hung up his robe and took his place on the raised platform. He leaned against the column that was also up there, in a classical, yet casual pose. It was still embarrassing, but if Tino was willing to do it, he could too. Besides, he had done it numerous times already for his boyfriend, the only thing different was that he had more art students than just Tino sketching him. Now finally able to fully relax, Didi found the time passed quickly. As soon as he was dressed, he and Tino headed to their next class.
Tags: 15 kisses, didi, kiss 14, leo table, original ficcage, tino
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