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Kiss 15: Stray Cat Strut

Title: Stray Cat Strut
Author: kira
Table: Leo
Prompt: Kiss 15: Wanderlust
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi/Tino
Word count: 655
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Tino and Didi look after a stray cat…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this and helping me with a title.

“Pss pss pss… Here, Wanderlust,” Tino said as he put a bag of trash in the apartment’s dumpster. “Here, Wanderlust!” he called out again, hoping to see his little friend. He was about to give up and go back inside, when a fat brown tabby sauntered past. “There you are!” Tino squatted and held out his hand.

The tabby slowly approached. He sniffed Tino’s hand and tail held high, he rubbed his cheek against it, purring loudly. The cat arched his back and leaned into Tino’s hand. He liked him as he was gentle like his mistress and he fed him too. “Meow.”

Tino laughed. “I love you too! Are you hungry?”

“Tino, what are you doing?” Didi asked when he came outside to see what had happened to his husband.

“I’m playing with Wanderlust.”

“What?” Didi came over to him. “Oh, so that’s the cat you’ve been feeding?”


“You know we can’t keep him.”

“I know.” Tino picked the cat up and cuddled him.

“And he must have an owner. Look at how fat he is.” Didi rubbed a finger against the cat’s cheek. “He probably has a real name too.”

“He doesn’t have a collar. If he was my cat, he’d have one. Wouldn’t you, boy?”

Wanderlust mewed in reply.

“And if he was your cat, he’d be living inside with us, but the landlord said, ‘No pets.’” Didi rubbed under the tabby’s chin.

Tino made a little sound of disgust. “Don’t remind me.” He brightened. “Maybe should move?” He smiled.

Didi sighed. “We don’t have enough in the moving fund yet, plus, we just signed that lease. We can’t think about leaving until it’s almost up.”


“So enjoy your little friend’s company for as long as you can. And maybe in our next place we can get a cat.”

“I thought you wanted a dog.” Tino smirked.

Didi shrugged. “Dog, cat, bird… We’ll get a zoo if you want.”

Tino laughed. He tilted his head upwards and Didi kissed him, which surprised him, as his husband was not one for public displays of affection.

“I’ll go get the cat food.” Didi turned to go.

“Thanks.” He watched his husband disappear inside their apartment building. He walked over to where he left food and water out for the cat, and set him down. “Dinner’ll be here soon.”

Wanderlust rubbed against his legs and meowed.

Didi returned with a tin of cat food and a paper bowl. He dumped the food into it and set it down. He stepped back to stand next to his husband. They watched as the cat ate. When he was finished, Wanderlust came over to them and rubbed against their legs as if to say “goodbye,” before sauntering off.

Tino picked up the empty food dish and crumpled it. He took it inside and threw it out. While he washing his hands, Didi grabbed a bottle of water.

“I’ll go fill his water bowl.”

Tino smiled. “That’s why I love you.” He dried his hands.

Didi smirked, looking like a taller, broader, and blond version of his older brother. “I know.” They laughed. He kissed his husband on the nose. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be waiting…”

“I know.”

Tino laughed.

When Didi returned a few minutes later, he found him, sketchbook in hand, hard at work at sketching a picture of the tabby. “Something to remember him by?”

Tino looked up from his drawing. “Yeah… He could find someone else who’ll love him and take care of him.” He sighed softly.

Didi sat down and put his arm around his husband. “Yeah… Besides, with a name like ‘Wanderlust’ do you really think he’d be happy here? Staying inside, and getting even fatter and lazier?”

“Probably not, he’d miss going out in the sunshine and I bet he knows a ton of people.”


“Yeah… But a boy can dream, right?” Tino smiled.

Didi kissed him. “Yeah.”
Tags: 15 kisses, didi, kiss 15, leo table, original ficcage, tino
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