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Title: My Dear Quinton, a Sinterklaas Tale
Author: kira
World: Capital of Madrona
Main Characters: Pashmina, Baron Christophe Babtiste, Bastian Quinton Castille, mention of the baron’s family
Borrow: No
Summary: Bastian gets a Sinterklaas gift from his old friend, Pashmina...
Author’s note: Baron Christophe Babtiste , his family, and Bastian Quinton Castille all belong to Jen, I’m just borrowing them.

“Here,” Baron Christophe Babtiste said as he tossed a package at his secretary Bastian Quinton Castille, who deftly caught it. “It’s from your friend, the Kitten.” He grinned. “Happy Sinterklaas!”

“Happy Sinterklaas to you too…” Bastian said as he watched his employer and lover walk away. Ignoring the sounds of the Babtiste household, he opened the package. Inside was a note and something soft and blue. Setting the package aside for the moment, he took the note and began to read it.

My dear Quinton,

Happy Sinterklaas! Like I said in my previous letter, I’m sorry we missed seeing you this year at Vine Fest. Sadly, my poor Alex was ill and by the time he got over it, it was too late to go. If only horses had wings, we could have made it. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year. Then again, you and the baron could always come and visit. Alex would love to see his old friend again and I’m sure there’s some antique or two you could bring along and call it a business trip, no?

So how are you doing? And how are the baron and the lovely Lady Josette and the children? Miss Amerine must be old enough to marry now, no? Florence is becoming quite the young lady and little Nina must be getting so big now! Has Philbert grown as tall as his older brother yet? He told me the next time I see him he would be! I still can’t believe Edmond is married! They say time flies, but has it really only been just over a year since I’ve seen you last? I feel like it’s been forever!

Anyways, I have taken up a new hobby. Our cook, Mrs. Schmitt’s, youngest daughter had a baby and she’d been making baby clothes. I saw her working on a darling little sweater and she offered to teach me how to do it. What, you may ask? I’ve been learning how to knit! I’ve become quite good at it, we won’t mention the slippers I made for Alex that I’ve since remade… Anyways, I made you a scarf! And I made one for the Baron and little Philbert, and the Lady Josette and the girls got shawls. There’s also a little something for Edmond and his wife. I do hope everyone likes their gifts. I’ve tucked some of that candy that you like in there, so be careful when you take your scarf out.

Hope to see you soon!

Love always,

Your friend,


Bastian chuckled as he folded the letter and stuck it in the box on his desk that held his correspondence with his old friend. Picking up the package, he carefully removed the scarf, leaving the candy behind. The scarf was beautifully made, the wool, no doubt, coming from the sheep that graze on the chateau’s lawn. He draped it around his neck, and reaching for the candy, he grabbed a piece, popping it in his mouth. Picking up a pen, Bastian dipped it in the inkwell and began to write.

My Dear Candy,

Happy Sinterklaas. Thank you so much for the candy and the beautiful scarf. I can’t believe you made it all by yourself. Was it hard to do? I haven’t seen your other gifts yet, but I’m sure they’re as nice as mine. I also can’t believe you managed to find those sweets I like! I always thought they were a Vine Fest treat. I hope you also sent some to Philbert. He’s got quite a sweet tooth and truth be told, I don’t feel like sharing mine with him.

As for missing me, no us, at Vine Fest, it can’t be helped, like I told you before. You were right to stay home and look after your antique. I hope the package Chris sent arrived safely and that you like your gifts. Lady Josette had that bracelet made especially for you. A wandering jewelry maker and his wife had passed this way and you know what an eye Lady Josette has for fashion. The earrings I sent you are from the same jewelry maker. My dear Candy, you would have loved his wife. She danced for us after the children had gone off to bed and well, let’s just say, I’ve seen Kittens in the parlor with more clothes on. Apparently dancing au natural is frowned upon in their culture, but her husband puts up with it because it tends to increase his jewelry sales, especially with the clever way she hid her assets, if you know what I mean.

I hope to see you next month at the Queen’s New Year’s ball, then you can see for yourself how big the children are. It’ll be Amerine’s first ball and I know you won’t want to miss that.

Be well!

Your friend always,


Bastian folded the letter and stuck it in an envelope. He addressed it and set it aside as he knew as soon as Chris could get away from his family; he would have him write a note of thanks to his friend the Grande Duke. Tomorrow, Bastian would take the letters into town and mail them. Popping another piece of candy in his mouth, Bastian got up to join the others.
Tags: baron chrisophe babtiste, bastian castille, madrona project, original ficcage, pashmina, sinterklaas

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