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Home at Last! :D

I just got home from a quick trip up to Maine. The weird part is, we took the ferry home from Connecticut to Long Island & I'm a pretty good "sailor" and as I sit here & type I can feel the rolling of the ferry. XD Not that I feel sick or anything, just kinda rocking side to side. XD Anyways, enough of that, I want to tell you about my trip! :D

So we get up early on Tuesday, packed the car & headed out to the end of the Island for the ferry. We it to Connecticut and drove all the way up to Machias Maine. We said at a nice hotel in town & a river ran behind it, so it was fun, sitting there watching a pair of cormorants fish in the afternoon of the next day. A bald eagle flew overhead, which was awesome! :D But even more awesome, was Dad & I went on a puffin tour, while Mom stayed behind. (My sister had to stay home with my birds as she was out of time off at work.) So Dad & I got up early, I went & got me a hot tea & hot coffee for my parents from the Dunkin Donuts which was like a 5 minute (10 tops) walk down the road. (We had gotten pizza from the place next door & I swear it was school pizza. Watching them make it just confirmed it. But we were hungry so we ate the pizza, showered, watched a bit of Olympics & went to bed.) So we drove into another small town in Maine, I think it was called Cutler, parked & waited for the boat to arrive. It looked like a lobster boat. XD We boarded & headed out onto the high seas! We made our way to a small island, I think it's called Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy. It's a protected area & this tour is the only one that lets you onto the island. There's a research station as well as a lighthouse & of course the reason we went there: puffins! :D There's also some gulls there, but they're kinda like pigeons in that they're everywhere. XD So we got to spend about an hour & a half there in a tiny blind taking pix. I manged to get one with my phone. Mostly, I just watched them fly by when I wasn't being a photography assistant. :D We also saw them out on the ocean, along with a shearwater (a type of seabird), some Wilson's stormy petrels (tiny seabirds), some seals, and a dolphin. :D It was FUN & I got sunburned on my face as that was the only thing exposed. We were told to dress warmly (jackets, hats & long pants), so I wasn't cold. :D we were going to go back the next day (as we had paid to do so), but it decided to RAIN & that trip was cancelled. And for dinner, we ate a nice restaurant in the hotel parking lot, & got ice cream for dessert at an ice cream stand. :D

So instead of staying in the tiny town of Machias, we left a day early & drove down to the Bar Harbor area. We stayed outside of the town as everything was BOOKED. o.0 So we checked out the parking situation & walked around a bit as the rain had let up some. We also got ice cream & I got a stuffed puffin to remember the trip by. We went back to our room & ate what Dad referred to as "cat food." (Bumblebee tuna snacks) The next day, we had a late lunch at the Traveling Lobster. (We also ate lobster the day before. XD) Then we went into town as we had a sunset tour of the harbor, which was nice. We learned a bit about the area. Oh, and we also had visited Acadia National Park, but the southern route that day & the rainy one, since you just drive & get out & look at various spots. And we also did a lil hike to water, which was tough in that it was muddy from all the rain, but we did it. :D While on the harbor tour, we saw a sunfish! It's like a huge circle with strange fins on one end. It doesn't really have a tail. XD It was cool! :D And then we got up early today, and drove home. XD And like I said, we took the ferry back to Long Island. XD
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