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Fall Fest 3: Old and Future Memories

Title: Old and Future Memories
Author: kira
Characters: Wolfgang
Word count: 197
Rating: G
Prompt: A picture of 2 kids in a pumpkin patch
Summary: Wolfgang looks through an old photo album…
Author’s note: This is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own.

Wolfgang turned the pages of an old photo album. A picture of his two sons in the local pumpkin patch caught his eye. Didi, his youngest, looked to be about four there, which would make Bernd about eight, even though he looked closer to Didi’s age. He smiled as memories of that day danced in his head.

Tomorrow, he was going pumpkin picking with his grandchildren. This year, two year old Maria was old enough to follow her older brother Fritz around and Wolfgang looked forward to seeing which pumpkin she picked. Didi was supposed to meet them there as he wanted to get a couple of pumpkins to make into pies. Closing his eyes, Wolfgang inhaled deeply. He was sure he caught the faint whiff of pumpkin pie baking in the oven and his mouth watered at the thought.

Wolfgang closed the photo album and set it aside. He got up, left the den, and headed to the kitchen. There, he made himself a sandwich and cup of coffee. Bringing it to the table, he sat down to eat. He let his thoughts drift to tomorrow and the new memories he would make with his grandchildren.
Tags: allbingo, bingo, btpb, fall fest bingo, original ficcage, wolfgang

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