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Gift fic for Shadow-chan

Afternoon Delight

By kira

Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta, Jen, for polishing this until it shines!

For Shadow-chan…

It was always the quiet ones you had to watch out for… Miroku thought as his beloved wife, Sango, rode his hard shaft to completion. He cracked his eyes open slightly as he prayed to the Buddha and any kami that cared to listen, that she would not break it in her enthusiasm. Breasting bouncing in time with her delicious bottom as it met his nether region with a loud slap, Miroku marveled at how insatiable she was. Yes, she was turning out to be quiet the woman in the futon…I wonder if she was a famous courtesan in her previous life…

Thighs and inner walls clamping down on him, Sango let out a low moan as she climaxed. Panting, she leaned forward to capture his lips with her own. He tasted of sake and tonight’s dinner, her tongue dancing with his as she moved with catlike grace to blanket him. Yes, she thought as his hands moved to cup her bottom, I can happily spend the rest of my days doing this…

Moving his hand northwards, Miroku carefully held onto to her as he rolled them onto their sides. Propping his head up with an upturned hand, he gazed lovingly at his wife. He used his free hand to gently stroke the curve of her hip and she smiled as she cupped his cheek. Leaning into it, he kissed her long and hard.

“Let’s do it again…” Sango murmured huskily against his lips.

“Woman, you’re insatiable, you know that?” he smirked, and taking her hand, he moved it down between them to stroke his shaft.

“Yup…” She grasped the silky softness of his manhood, and moving her calloused palm up and down his length, she quickly had him hard again. “So let’s do it again…”

“Okay.” Miroku moved to quickly pin her beneath him, and gently forcing her thighs apart with his knee, he grinned at the look on her face. “You can’t always ride me, my dear.”

Sighing softly, Sango had to admit he had a point. She opened herself up to him fully and wrapping her legs around his hips, she tried to control his movements.

“Uh-anh… my dear Sango, this time you sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Sango groaned. Judging by the look on his face, it was going to be long and slow and deliciously just on the edge. She frowned as she hated when he took his time because he was so gentle about it.

Chuckling at the annoyed pout on her pretty face, Miroku did his best to tease her. He would pull out, rubbing the tip of his shaft against her as she squirmed beneath him. Without out warning, he would plunge deep inside her, building a rhythm, before teasing her again. Thanking his lucky stars he had remembered to hold her wrist, the monk grinned as he watched the parade of emotions flit across her face. It was one of the little games they played, his favorite being the one where he fondled her bare bottom as she laid fully dressed across his lap, her kimono pulled up around her waist, exposing his prize. Aah… yes… he mentally sighed. That’s what started this delightful little romp…It wasn’t long before you were completely bare too…

He continued his teasing motions, slowly bringing the two of them closer to their climax. Pulling out he thrust the length of his shaft at her over heated sex. It ran vertically against her, aided by the moisture that leaked from her core. He thrust several times, before pausing to guide himself back inside, after the murderous look she shot him. A few quick thrust, eased her back into things and just as they were about to reach the point of no return, a loud wailing started.

“WAH!!” One of the twins cried and minutes later she was joined by her sister in a loud angry chorus of wet, hungry babies.

“Damn it!” Husband and wife swore together. “You woke the babies again!!”


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Jul. 26th, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)
wow, that was hot and perverted fun! love the idea of Sango being a nymph - seems Miroku's met his match. :)
Jul. 26th, 2009 02:05 am (UTC)
Thank you, Ren! *giggles* I do too! XD Oh yeah! ;p

Glad you enjoyed it! ;D
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