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I've been sorta MIA lately & that cuz I've spent about 2 weeks (at different times) in Georgia, visiting family. My first trip was rather uneventful, aside from a minor fight with my Auntie about her driving. She's always yelling at the cars, which I can see if someone cut her off, but she gets annoyed if someone moves in front of her & leaves enough room to put a couple of 18 wheelers between her & the car who dared to go in front. *shakes my head* And she got mad whenever I'd tell her the light's green, which I explained to her was cuz I have a friend who's always asking me to watch the light & Dad also asks me to watch it. I said it's very ingrained in me, but apparently annoying to my Auntie the "professional driver". *laughs* Also clothes shopping with her (my granny gave me $100 & told me to look for some new clothes) is an ordeal since we have different tastes & while the stuff she picked out is cute, it wouldn't look good on me. XD

My other trip to see my other Auntie & granny was sooo PEACEFUL, despite my cousins coming over (they're loud & boisterous). XD Her house is in the middle of a cattle ranch in farm country. I got up one morning & sat outside, reading, & listening to nature. It was nice until some ants were like "HELL NO!!" & swarmed my foot. I got stung, but luckily I'm not allergic to them. For such tiny ants, they've got a big sting! XD And I had fun with my Auntie's dogs & my cousin's. :D I mostly bung out & talked to everyone. I hadn't seen that Auntie & one cousin since my granny's stroke 3 years ago & I can't even remember the last time I saw that cousin's daughter. XD Plus I finally got to meet her husband. :D

The other fun thing was my Auntie's cat would not leave me alone. XD Those who know me know I'm HIGHLY ALLERGIC. XD Anyways my room was kept closed & of course the cat had to come in there. XD One morning I got up to peep & went back to bed only to have the door open like 5 minutes later & the cat strolling in. XD I flailed out of bed (yes, flailed) & kicked her out. XD (Back, Demon, back!) She's a very sweet kitty & LOVES everyone, but no. XD

Then it was time to go home. The night before the satellite cable went out, so my Auntie called & told them to come fix it. They said they'd be there Saturday between 4 & 6, which was when I needed to get to the airport, so I told her to bring me earlier, it was okay. Well, like a half hour before boarding, my flight gets cancelled & now I need to get another one. I gave them 3 airports on Long Island to choose from & that I could care less if I had to fly out to Californis & back; I just wanted to get HOME. Anyways, they find a flight & I could get out tomorrow(Sunday), instead of today(Tuesday). I book it, call my Auntie & sit back & wait for her to finish with the cable guy & come get me. No worries, I had a book, so I was well entertained, but I wound up spending most of the day at Savannah airport. XD I get back to her house & call Dad, who was supposed to pick me up, & let him know what's going on. why didn't I call at the airport, you ask? Well, my cousin had gotten a new phone & my Uncle gave me her old one as my phone was having trouble keeping a charge. Anyways, it turns out stupid cousin had dropped the phone & broke the speaker, so I couldn't hear any calls, or music. When I got home, Dad saw I could have used speaker phone, but do I really want everyone listening to my convo? XD So "new" phone will be fixed.

So now it's the next day & time to go home. I get to the airport with lunch this time (I had forgot it the day before XD), I get on my flight to Nashville, instead of Baltimore (which I've been too a million times) & arrive on time. I'm freaking cuz I can't find my new gate, Dad keeps texting me (I texted to let them know I was there) & I finally find my gate( which felt like a 5 mile hike away from where I got off) & can deal with Dad. He tells me there's a flight to my original airport & to try & get on it. Luckily I could! YAY!! And I not only landed earlier than planed, I get home in time to have a very LATE dinner. XD Monday, I spent doing nothing much other than recovering from my airport saga. XD I felt like this:


Happy Belated Bday to Ranuel, Lux, & Dr.Ren!!

The end of June & beginning of July was a crazy time for me due to picking up extra hours at work, before school let out for summer & a trip the day after that. While going through my messages from here, I discovered much to my horror that I missed some bdays! o.0 I'm terribly sorry & I want to wish everyone a happy belated bday & I hope your day was a special one!!

Happy belated bday Ranuel!


Happy belated bday Lux!


Happy belated bday Dr. Ren!!


Happy bday Kat!!

Happy bday, my friend!! Kat, I hope all your bday wishes come true!! And I want to wish you many many many more bdays to come!! I hope your day's a special one!! *huggles*


tea cake (Cuz I know how much you like tea!)

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Title: Boys Will Be Boys and Old Men Too
Author: kira
World: The Wilds
Characters: Soaring Eagle, Rabbit, Black Dog, Flaming Arrow, Little Crow, Red Wolf, and Honey
Borrow: No
Word count: 882
Rating: PG
Summary: Soaring Eagle, Rabbit, and Black Dog discover that age is relevant amongst other things…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this. Please also note that this was written for the Respect Your Elders Fest.

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Happy Memorial Day!!

Remembering those who proudly served!

memorial day

memorial day 2

memorial day 3

We sadly missed the air show cuz it was cancelled due to RAIN. It was today, but is was too busy with EVERYONE going, another reason reason we missed it. XD My pet betta Dante died, so I went on Saturday in the rain to get a new one, who I named Pompeii, since my other one's named Cesare. I also went & hung with my sister at work, where she was doing a craft demo on Sunday. :D It was puny pots & I made 2 blues ones. One was Robert Plant & the other was Bowie (cuz that's my nickname. XD) It was fun, but the ride home was scary as it was POURING & the parkway was flooded. XD Today, we just had a BBQ for diner which was nice. :D Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :D